Join us for a day of picture taking and business making at Kaka’ako Agora!


10am – 12pm POP UP PHOTO SHOP

Capture your funny side! Drop into Ramsay’s POP UP PHOTO SHOP @ Kaka’ako Agora to play in front of the camera and source your inner avatar. For $20 you’ll have professionally edited pictures ready to share within a week! This is a killer opportunity to get updated content. Register below to reserve a 10 minute timeslot (there are 3 tickets available for each 30 minute spot).

About the phtographer:
Ramsay Siegal is an award winning artist, specializing in product and portrait photography. She loves bringing out the happy, silly personalities in people and watching her subjects come to life on film. She has been passionate about photography for 15 years, and has two degrees in Planning and Design. When she’s not with her camera, you can usually find her running, swimming, hiking, practicing yoga and enjoying the beauty of Hawaii.


Bring your headshot! Bring your resume! Bring your biz card! Mingle and meet other artists in the community. Let’s create and collaborate!

12pm – 2:30pm PANELS

12pm – “The Audition Room” with Donna Blanchard

Kumu Kahua Theatre’s Managing Director, Donna Blanchard, talks about what things she’s seen in Hawaii’s local audition rooms. What are our strengths? What can local actors work on? Funny stories? Get the inside scoop on what it’s like!

12:30pm – “Writing in Hawaii’ with James Cave

Local writer, James Cave (The Offsetter, Civil Beat) chats about what it’s like to be a pro writer in Hawaii. How do you get yourself out there? Is blogging still a thing? What kinds of opportunities are out there for local writers? How does James keep his hair looking so good? Find out!

1pm – “Festivals in Hawaii” with Garrick Paikai, Misa Tupou, Isaac Ligsay and Alan Shepard

There’s always something going on in Hawaii! We’ll sit down with four local festival producers: Garrick Paikai of Improvaganza, Misa Tupou of Oahu Fringe and Isaac Ligsay and Alan Shepard of The New Play Festival to find out why they decided to start a festival, why it’s important to create your own content and more!

1:45pm – “Working Outside of Hawaii” with LA’s Ann Maddox, Tim Neenan, Kristen Rozanski and Matt Newell

Ever wonder that it’s like to be a working actor and/or writer in a big city like Los Angeles? How hard is it to get an agent? How do you become a writer on a sitcom? Is “Pilot Season” a real thing? Hear what our HISF visiting instructors and performers have to say about their experiences so far.


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