Video Contest Overview 2015

Hawaii Sketch Comedy Festival 2015

Dates: March 28th & 29th 2015

Location: Doris Duke Theatre, Honolulu Museum of Art


Special Video Contest Overview

Becoming the title sponsor of The Hawaii Sketch Festival includes a special video contest designed to create marketing content for your company. Comedy is an effective tool to capture an audience. Think about the Superbowl Doritos Commercial Contest. Content created will be designed to bring attention to your company. Here’s what you’ll get:


One Time Brand Deliverable

All packages should start with a Keyword Exercise.  This gives us an understanding of their brand. This would typically be done one time for a brand rather than for each video.  To get started we just need them to answer the following 3 questions:

  1. What words would be used to refer to your company/organization/brand?
  2. What words would people use to request my product, service or cause?
  3. What types of groups of people buy your products?

Intake form:

More information:


Contest 1: “15 Seconds of Fame”

Contestants will create a 15 second video based on contest guidelines that will be run via Surroundsme or manually where advocates will share your key messages via Social Media. Contestants will be given talking points to ensure that submitted videos are focused on your company’s message. Great for kids and teens.


You may choose one of the following packages for this contest:


Package A – Video for Awareness:  Optimize for YouTube

This package would:

  • Upload the video to your YouTube channel adding topical tags, SEO friendly title and description.
  • Create social media optimized post content (for FB, Twitter, G+, etc.) to promote video that the you can send from your account.
  • Create 25 inbound links to the video to increase opportunity to appear in the search engines.
  • Boost with 50 YouTube subscribers *
  • Boost with 500 YouTube video views *

* These are not expected to drive conversions but are a way to kickstart the video


Package B – Video for Website SEO: Optimize for Website

This package would:

  • Upload the video to the your WordPress website
  • Add video rich snippets and a video XML sitemap
  • Post the video to 10 video sharing websites linking back to the website.
  • Create additional 25 inbound links to the video to increase opportunity to appear under Video search tab in the search engines


Contest 2: “Commercial Break” Optimize for Conversion $$$

Contestants will create a 30 second video based on a call to action such as a product purchase, consulting service request form, donation, newsletter subscription, etc. Our team will run a report for on conversion data from Google Analytics.