Meet us at The Bar…

Twenty five Hawaii Sketch Comedy Festival supporters walk into a bar…

Join us for a night of sweat, shakes, laughs, treats and all around AWESOME-NESS!

HISF Gold Sponsor Bar Method Honolulu will be holding TWO classes on Friday, March 25th to support our 2016 festival!

Now’s your chance to get your tuck on with a group of pretty amazing folks!

Class date and times:

Class #1 5:00 – 6:00pm $25

Class #2 6:30 – 7:30pm $25

Light snacks and wine to be served after each class. Woohoo!

Both classes are open to new and current students of The Bar Method Honolulu. 

All new students should arrive at least 15 minutes before class begins to fill out the appropriate paper work.

Reserve a spot in class here

Important details:

Dress code: 

Socks that cover the entire foot, exercise pants to the knee or below (compression shorts must be worn underneath if pants are loose fitting), and tops that cover midriff and waistband of pants. 

Socks must be on PRIOR to entering the studio and must stay covering the entire foot throughout class. 


There is very limited parking on site at the studio. In addition there is ample metered street parking on S King Street or Puck’s Alley on University. 

Age Restrictions:

The minimum age requirement is 14 years old. Clients between the ages of 14-18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Studio Etiquette:

Cell phones are not allowed in the exercise studios during class. If you are on call or have a pager you need for emergencies, you may leave it at the front desk and we will come get you out of class.

Please do not chew gum in the studio during class.

Drinks other than water are not permitted in the studio. Water must be capped and in a container that is not glass.

Late Arrivals:

If this is your first Bar Method class, please arrive 10-15 minutes early as there is no admittance for first-timers once class has started. First-timers will need to complete the new client form and hang from the stall bar prior to class.

Returning clients may enter up to 10 minutes after class has started, but please note that your spot may be taken by standby clients if you are not at the studio when class begins.

Late-comers must lift their knees 40 times prior to joining class.

For more information about our festival, visit: